Our Recent Visit with our Artisans in India

I hope you’re all enjoying a beautiful fall season wherever you may be. There are a number of exciting developments with us at Joya, so we just wanted to share some of our most memorable, recent experiences.

Twice a year, we take a trip to India to visit some of our favorite artisans who hand make many of our best-selling collections at Joya.

We just returned from our most recent trip and had the most amazing, whirlwind experience.   We were able to catch up with most of our artisans while they were busy at work creating hand-made pieces in their studios.  It is so inspiring to see our spring ’19 collection that we have been working on feverishly come to life at the hands of these ridiculously talented artisans.

We were so lucky to get to spend an extended amount of time with them in their work rooms learning more about the entire process that our goods go through.  As you know, our collections are all hand-crafted, hand-made product using traditional jewelry making techniques with each product we make.

Authenticity is at the core of everything that we do. Many of our designs are created from original antique pieces – some of which are my Grandmother’s costume jewelry from the 50’s.  We believe in recreating those pieces in the most traditional, hand-made way possible.

On this trip, we were lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time in the studios of the artisans making many of the pieces in our deco diamond collection – which is one of our best-selling lines at this time. It’s amazing to see the process that each Joya piece goes through at the hands of these masters of jewelry making.

We sat with an artisan who was creating our Lara Deco Diamond Earrings. 

The artist had a beautiful pile of diamond shards to his left.

His instrument: a tiny tweezer.

His routine: examine each individual diamond shard shape, size & luster.  He then uses the tiny tweezer to hand place each diamond shard into a beautiful, mosaic pattern to fill the entire earring.  To see him piece together this intricate, delicate puzzle with such precision was just breathtaking.  Each diamond shard was evaluated to see how it reflected the light and would be placed in a position to reflect light differently from the neighboring shards.

 It is an incredible process to watch.  The amount of time, energy and detail that goes into each Joya piece was amazing to see and witness. It is so exciting to be able to bring you these one of a kind, hand-crafted pieces.

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