Excited About Moss Agate!

One of the most exciting & rewarding parts of being a small business owner is traveling and seeing the designs and products you’ve developed come to life. All our designs start with a simple sketch, color combination and stone combination in St. Louis at our studio. We then send those initial designs to our artisans, wherever they may be around the world, and they start making samples.  We go through a process of approving renderings, scale, settings and color combinations before we go into the sampling process.

I visited our artisans in India on our most recent trip, and we were there to visit and approve our spring 2019 collection.  This is the most excited I’ve been about any collection to date; our spring collection is going to be amazing, and it will blow you away!  We are doing some interesting and fun additions with our best-selling collections, like our deco diamond collection, so you’re going to see a broad, expanded assortment of products within that collection.  We are also playing with some new colors in the deco diamond collection, which are turning out beautiful – if we do say so ourselves!

We have become known for our gemstones at Joya, and we are excited to be testing out some new semi-precious stones to add to our collections.  We love our traditional best sellers, like our labradorite and moonstone, but we have also had a great response to our peach bellini collection as well as our moss agate collection from fall.  The reaction has been so positive that we are excited to be expanding both of those collections.  There will be multiple necklaces, beautiful chunky, statement necklaces along with layering bracelets and tons of earrings and rings we can’t wait for you to see!

It’s really fun to find new gem stones to play with in your assortment - it brings new life to the collection.  The moss agate in particular, it is such a beautiful stone, a gorgeous shade of green.  When you look at the stone, there is so much play in it.  The interior of the stone looks like a moss, which is how it got its name, it is just a gorgeous, natural stone.  We are so excited to expand this collection, and we have a ton of new pieces on the horizon as well, so stay tuned!





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