Calling All Busy Moms!

Here is a day in the life of one of our subscribers. Let us treat you to something special! 
I used to have time to shop, to browse.  To pin ideas.  But now this is my life:
Full time job
2 full time lil ones full of full time giggles
1 outfit change every morning after 
...spit up
...jelly drips
...another coffee stain(which I don't bother changing for)
Emails, emails, emails.
I forgot the diapers
I forgot the book for show and share
I forgot my lunch
Is it lunch? It's already 2... Maybe more coffee instead...
Grab the kiddos
...Did I send you to school with 2 different shoes?
...Why are your shorts on backwards? 
...What got stuck in your hair?
Kids dinner, bath, bedtime
Hubs makes us dinner.
We put our feet up and watch game of thrones amazing finale from 2 weeks ago.
It's a little busy, but it's awesome.  These days I look forward to my Joya subscription, because when you are taking care of everyone you sometimes forget to take care of yourself.  So #spreadthejoya, or keep it for yourself ;)  
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