Father's Day: The best advice Dad ever gave me...

 Our partners shared the paternal words of wisdom that have proven to be true in their lives, time and again. We are so thankful for the amazing dads we have been blessed to have as terrific examples in our lives.

What is the best advice you received from your dad?

Three things my dad always told me are
1) Always keep $40 in your car for emergencies.
2) Never have less then 1/2 tank of gas in my car.
3) Always wear a reflector vest when walking the dog at night.
In reality he always led by example. I don't think one person could disagree that he is honest, kind, calm, and a loving person. Happy Fathers Day, Dad.
My dad is constantly giving the best memorable and meaningful advice. He is a smart, hilarious and loving father, businessman and friend. I value his opinion greatly and love getting his perspective. One of the best things he ever told me lead to the creation of Joya: follow your passion!
The best advice I received from my dad was to look people in the eye when you are speaking with them.  If someone's eyes are darting all around or looking down when they speak to me, I always wonder why they aren't making eye contact.  It really is the easiest way to let people know you are engaged in the conversation & make them feel more at ease.  Hail to the Chief (aka Dad)!
The best advice my dad ever gave me was to pick up my legs more when I run, he thought that would help to improve my speed. Makes sense. 
He also told me that when you are working on a painting you shouldn't spot focus on one area at a time, you need to be focusing on the painting (bigger picture) as a whole and bring it together gradually. A good analogy for life, if you focus too much on one area of your life the other areas will be neglected and your composition will be quite unbalanced.
It's difficult to put into words the amazing example my dad has set for me in all aspects of life. He is a warm, funny, compassionate, and loyal partner and father, and a fair and generous businessman with an unmatched work ethic.
He instilled in me the confidence and belief that anything in life can be accomplished...that no dream is too big if you put your heart and soul into it and work diligently to achieve your goals. I love you, Dad!
A huge thank you and very Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there!
- The Joya Team

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