Behind the Scenes of our Late Summer Photo Shoot

We always have a great time while designing a new collection, but we especially love when it's time for a photo shoot! We get to spend the day styling models with our new pieces and the look we had imagined finally comes together.   In our Late Summer collection you’ll find lots of pieces made for layering, one of a kind natural stones and of course, pops of color. Each look in our photo shoot was styled to look so effortless that you could recreate with the new Joya items and pieces in your own closet!
Behind Joya is the belief that when women support one another incredible things can happen. This photoshoot was no exception. Local photographer, Joan Fisher, was a dream to work with and seriously a genius behind the camera. Our four beautiful muses were Taylor, Emily, Melissa and Carly. We were lucky to work with two local St. Louis boutiques, Paisley and La Ville, to style the perfect outfits for each shot. Finally, professional stylist, Annie Heyward, did the make up for our four lovely models.  Without all of these women our photo shoot wouldn’t have been the same and we are SO grateful to them.
Here’s an exclusive look at some of our favorite shots from our Late Summer Photoshoot. Enjoy!
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