Behind the Scenes: Our 2016 Fall Look Book

With these warmer late summer temperatures it's hard to believe fall is just around the corner! While it will be sad to say goodbye to summer, there is always something about the onset of fall that has us dreaming of cozy evenings snuggled up with a blanket, hands wrapped around a mug of hot cocoa sitting around a campfire with good friends... In order to curate the 2016 Fall Collection, we at Joya had to conjure up these feelings for our fall collection, as well as our 2016 Fall Lookbook (recently published,) as far back as the end of 2015! 
Our chief designer, developer and CEO, Betsy starts with a hint of an idea of what she might like fall to look like and the collections unfold and come together organically as she visits with and discusses designs and materials with our amazing artisans from Bali, Indonesia to Jaipur, India all the way back to South Carolina! The artisans quickly produce a wonderful array of stunning samples based on these discussions. Once we've received all of the samples we assemble the Joya team and we are challenged with the task of selecting which pieces we will use to comprise the final collection! We are all very excited about and pleased with the final cuts! We hope you are too! Our artisans really hit it out of the park for us this round using raw materials like the rough texture of druzy (a Joya favorite, new druzy pieces added!) tassels, wood, ivory horns, Ethiopian beads, turquoise, arrowheads and abalone, that's just to name a few! The colors, combinations and textures blend so well together, as you can see they are a jewelry layering dream!
As this collection was slowly coming together, even before we've made our final decisions, Betsy is visualizing the lookbook! Imagining which pieces need to be featured together and how she wants them layered and styled so that our book makes sense and every page tells a fascinating story. Our goal is to truly inspire and excite our loyal Joya friends and any of our new friends! We want to give you ideas of how to layer the pieces with your wardrobe and for you to be able to visualize each and every piece and to get an idea of its size and scale. Our Fall Favorites page, with what could become our most iconic piece of the season, the Ezra Pendant, Picasso Necklace and Taos and Durango Bracelets epitomizes our collection for fall; earthy, chunky, raw, natural and unique! To have it all come together like that on every page is extremely satisfying.
We could not have created this most recent lookbook without some amazing local friends and partners! Job VERY well done to our top notch photographer Joan Fisher. She gets it, she takes the time to understand us, our brand and our product and magically translates that into absolutely show-stopping and stunning photography that captures everything we are about, what a talent! A very big thank you to Stacie Swederska at Paisley Boutique and Shelah McClymont at Faire Acres for providing us with the incredible fall wardrobes and accessories featured throughout! Your support of our brand means the world to us and your pieces contributed in phenomenal ways to showing our jewelry in a true lifestyle environment! Another big shout out goes to our gorgeous models, Emily and Kaila, and top-notch make-up and hair artists Annie Heyward and Carson Love for providing our images with the energy and spirit of what Joya is all about; enjoying life, happiness and helping other women out! 
We are absolutely 100% pleased with how this 2016 Fall Collection and the accompanying lookbook came together! We sincerely hope that you take as much pleasure looking through it as we did making it!
Check it out here!

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