Joya was created by women for women.

We believe when one of us lends a hand to lift another woman up, we're all uplifted. Impoverished women in forgotten corners of the globe need our help. And so do the women in our lives who could use a pleasant surprise.

You can buy both when you purchase a subscription to Collections by Joya.

Then, every month, you'll receive a box of three of four handmade, hand-selected artisan creations at your door.

You'll also find complimentary gift-wrap inside each shipment.

Please use that gift to spread the Joya

  • Treat a new mother or a grandmother to one of our treasures.
  • Reward a recent high school grad or the homesick college coed.
  • Share with sisters, daughters, and best friends.

Imagine what spreading the Joya could do

Then relax and enjoy the moment. :)