Behind the Scenes: The Spring Collection

I always feel this way before the launch of each new season, but our Spring Collection really is our best collection yet. We discovered new artists whose aesthetic and craftsmanship is a perfect fit for our brand, and we focused on creating a diverse collection that plays heavily on texture, mixed metals, and beautifully delicate lines and shapes built for layering.  The end result is a rich tapestry of natural stones, geometric shapes, and hand-crafted textures that together create the perfect balance.
As with every season, we started our Spring concepts with an inspiration board and a color palette:
I was lucky enough to travel to India in January to put the finishing touches on the Spring line. India is one of my absolute favorite places on the planet. It's a huge source of inspiration for me: the colors, the smells, the history, the architecture, the food. And of course: the jewelry.
We spent hours and hours in the crazy Delhi traffic for days traveling from artist to artist. We are lucky to have such an amazingly diverse group of artists as partners. Everyone has their specialty and distinctiveness, from textured finishes to high quality semi-precious stones in interesting settings, to beadwork. I am always blown away by the amount of work that goes into crafting each and every one of our pieces. The jewelry making process is a painstaking, multi-step process with so much precision and attention to detail required.  It's amazing to sit and watch these artists at work. So much talent and love goes into each and every Joya piece.
And this trip was a special one because we are working on some exciting new categories for our Summer Collection. We traveled to Jaipur for a few days to work with several textile makers. It was terrific to escape the smog and traffic of Delhi for a few days to spend time in one of the most beautiful cities in India.  Steeped in tradition and beautifully colorful, Jaipur is known for its textiles. I have always adored the traditional block print designs that are native to Jaipur. I love everything about the process: the hand-carving of the blocks, the precision with which the talented artisans stamp the fabrics, and the unique color combinations and layered patterns you can create with every piece. I cannot wait to show you what we've been working on for Summer. Stay tuned...
I have never been very good at keeping secrets, and it's absolutely killing me that I have to wait to share all of the amazing projects we are working on and the crazy good finds from the India trip. I kept telling my husband over the phone as I was bubbling over with excitement and a bit of exhaustion every night, "This is a game-changing trip."  And I'm so excited to share with you the first few sneak peeks from that trip and our Spring Collection. I hope you love the collection as much as we do!

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