Arm Party

For the last decade we all have heard the term "Arm Party". Little did we know what it really meant then and over time how it would develop. I think it is safe to say we all know it means "stacking your wrist with bracelets".

Your arm party can have 10 plus guests or it can be a small party of 2. It all depends on what tickles your fancy that day or evening. Your arm party can be a mix of many different materials from big to delicate beads, metals, fabric, semi precious stones and everything else in between.

An arm party can be one of the easier ways to accessorize your outfit. It can take your look to a new level with just a few bracelets. Let's take a look at a couple different looks with bracelets from Collections by Joya.

These three bracelets share the same hues that look amazing together and also can be worn as singles for a more delicate look. From top down the Arvada Bracelet-Gray, Arvada Bracelet-Celadon, Hammered Leaf Indigo Bracelet.

This is a stunning example of using different styles and textures.  Even by just taking one bracelet away it could change the look completely.  From left to right is Tulum Pearl Bangle Bracelet,  Gala Pearl Bracelet, Shades of Gray Bracelet, Perfect Layers Bracelet- Gray.


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